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Theatre to teach, train and inspire


Big Wheel is a theatre company that caters for all kinds of events. Whether you need something a bit different for a conference or a classroom, we are the people to talk to!

Big Wheel is made up of a core team of three – Roland, Jeni and George. We are supported by a pool of freelance Big Wheelers whom we use on a regular basis. Our work is incredibly varied!

We started in 1984 as a group of students from Oxford University doing fairly serious fringe theatre. We then moved into the realm of school workshops and started to develop the excellent shows we produce today!

During the 1980’s we broadened our horizons and started to take our school shows to Europe. By the early 1990s we were regularly touring in The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria and parts of Germany. We have also worked further afield in Kenya and Japan.

We continue to develop our UK work touring in and around the London area and across the country as far as Aberdeen!

Since 2002 we have worked increasingly for the National Health Service and related organisations, providing staff training and tailor-made presentations at conferences.

For more information about Big Wheel and how the company was started please click here (especially useful if you are doing a project about theatre in education companies!)


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