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We all love stories and being told a story is a truly magical and awe-inspiring experience. The art of storytelling is a powerful and memorable way to learn about and share our collective histories and cultures. Our storytellers will engage your students in a real and creative way using a combination of classic techniques, interaction and some silly props.

Stories for the Festive Season

Throughout December we are offering these two stories with a Christmas theme.

For Year 5/6, KS2 and KS3

A Christmas Carol – the classic story of Christmas ghosts and Scrooge the miser’s redemption, presented in the way it was originally intended – told live. Dickens tale of one man’s obsession with money instead of human kindness, and how grief and loss can change a person’s attitudes and withdraw from life and love, takes us on a journey where spirits show the unfortunate individual not only the error of his ways, but also the wider impact his privations have on his fellow human beings. A delightful and warming story of one man’s salvation for the darkest time of the year. Told by Jason Buck.

Gawain and the Green Knight A Christmas story from the court of King Arthur, where a mysterious green-garbed knight, carrying a sprig of holly, challenges the Knights of the Round Table to a Yuletide game. Only young Sir Gawain is brave enough to accept and this leads to adventures across the ancient landscape of England and Wales. The questing knight learns chivalric lessons in honour, courage and self-sacrifice as he approaches the final day when he must face the enigmatic knight at an equally illusive Green Chapel, where his fate is decided and the mysteries revealed. Told by Jason Buck.

For EYFS/KS1 and Yr3/4 (Unavailable 2023)

This delightful story told in verse by Emily Sly follows Chris Mouse as they prepare for the festive season – it looks at all the things we love to do at Christmas – decorate a tree, sing festive songs, eat special foods and give presents just to name a few. this is Chris Mouse’s favourite time of year – they look forward to sharing previous time with family and friends, the frosty winter mornings and that magical Christmas feeling.


EYFS, KS1, Yr3/4 (Unavailable 2023)

The story will last for approximately 30 mins – we suggest you allow a 45 minute window. The audience maximum is 30 students.

  • Half a Day (up to 3 performances) £350 plus VAT
  • Full Day (up to 5 performances) £450 plus VAT

Yrs 5/6, KS3 and KS4

This story will last 45 minutes and includes a ‘Question and Answer’ session – we suggest you allow a 60 minute window. The audience maximum is 60 students.

  • Half Day (up to 2 performances) £350 plus VAT
  • Full Day (up to 4 performances) £450 plus VAT

Travel and overnight accommodation costs will be added where necessary – please contact us for a quote

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