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Our main work for universities has been for Post-Graduate Professional Development, particularly in Presentation Training.

We are experts in training people to present and communicate ideas with confidence in front of an audience

We run full day and half day presentation training workshops . Each person is different which is why we encourage each participant to find their own style of presentation. The sessions are challenging, but participants take away a real feeling of being empowered to present confidently and fluently in public.

A Big Wheel presentation training workshop provides:

  • Good and bad presentations by Big Wheel actors to illustrate presenting do’s and don’ts
  • Games and exercises to sharpen the participant’s awareness of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Practical advice on breathing and voice exercises
  • The opportunity for participants to try things out and receive plenty of individual feedback.

“The best Course I have done in my 3 years as a PHD student.  Excellent! Good balance of doing activities and listening.  And, unlike other courses I’ve done, actual hands on help and guidance on what to do and how to change and improve was given.” (Student feedback, Southampton University)

We particularly cater for graduate groups with very varied levels of fluency in speaking English. Clients include the universities of Southampton, Manchester and Liverpool.

We also work with lecturers on a range of issues they feel hinder their lectures being useful and enjoyable. As well as presentation skills we look at other ideas, including the use of handouts, and the pro’s and cons of communication between lecturers and students via e-mail and social network sites.

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