bottom dies - edWhy do Shakespeare’s tragedies have such dramatic power?


This workshop asks the question ‘What is a Shakespearean tragedy?’ Using a combination of serious performances of some famous scenes with fun interactive exercises we look at the main conventions of Shakespeare’s tragedies.

Highlights include:

  • An hilarious interactive presentation of the beginning of Macbeth
  • An analysis of soliloquies from Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet
  • A presentation by members of the audience of our own version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet

This is a workshop for students who are studying Shakespeare. It gives them a clear understanding of how relevant and universal Shakespeare’s themes are – even in the 21st century. Students are surprised and delighted at the way the Big Wheel presenters make the Shakespeare texts really accessible.

If you are studying a particular text, the presenters will refer the points they are making to that text throughout the workshop.

The details are:

  • Suitable for advanced language learners
  • Audience Maximum: 100 students
  • Duration: 90 minutes

We also present specialised versions of this workshop for schools who want us to concentrate entirely on one play, such as Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet. Please enquire if you are interested (additional charges apply).

PRICE FREEZE – we have not increased our prices this year

Holland, Belgium and Germany€ 795 (1st show) €695 (additional shows)
SwedenSEK 8950 (1st show) SEK 7950 (additional shows)
SwitzerlandCHF 895 (1st show) CHF 795 (additional shows)

Additional shows need to be on the same or consecutive days for the discounted price.

Schools in the Netherlands: you can pay using the ‘Cultuurkaart’ – please contact us for details.

Please contact us to book a workshop or for more details.

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