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Just what’s so amazing about William Shakespeare?

Who was he? Why is he so famous? This interactive workshop looks at Shakespeare as the great entertainer of his day. It provides a wealth of information about his life and work and offers students a great way to practice their English.

Highlights include:

bucket of love
  • A look at the structure and atmosphere of the Globe Theatre
  • A Shakespeare horror movie
  • The characters from A Midsummer Night’s Dream interviewed by a chat show host
  • Our own interactive version of Shakespeare’s most famous play, Hamlet.

The details:

  • Versions suitable for intermediate and advanced language learners
  • Audience Maximum: 60 students
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Pandemic Prices: (2021-22)

Holland, Belgium and Germany: First show costs €695, Second show costs €595 Additional shows cost €395

Sweden 1st show SEK 7950,  2nd show SEK 6950, additional shows SEK 4950

Switzerland 1st show CHF 795,  2nd show CHF 695, additional shows CHF 495

Prices in normal times:

  • Holland, Belgium and Germany: 1st show €795, any other shows €695 (other Eurozone countries please enquire about prices in your country)
  • Sweden: 1st show SEK 8950, any other shows SEK 7950
  • Switzerland: 1st show CHF 995, any other shows CHF 895

Schools in the Netherlands: you can pay using the ‘Cultuurkaart’ – please contact us for details.

Please contact us to book a workshop or for more details.

Visiting Dutch students watching a performance of Introduction to Shakespeare in London

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