We look forward to welcoming schools back to London when this pandemic is over.

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As well as Big Wheel visiting schools in other countries, schools have now started coming to visit us here in London – some from as far afield as Botswana!

We love showing students and their teachers our favourite parts of London.We can also take the headache out of organising a variety of cultural visits and events for you and your group.

These include;

  • Language and/or literature workshops  presented in our London studio.
  • Interactive walking tours of London led by Big Wheel actors. Themes include: Shakespeare, Chaucer, Charles Dickens, Harry Potter, and Royal London (with a dramatic reconstruction of the English Civil War!)
  • We adapt our tours to suit each group, recently for instance an architecture theme for a Swedish group studying  ‘the urban landscape’
  • Drama courses for students or teachers. Not just for those interested in theatre as a career, but anyone interested in our methods of presentation.

We also arrange tours of Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, and our most recent addition: Canterbury – where our themes were Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars (in Latin!)

We can arrange a variety of linked activities for example; a performance of ‘Introduction to Shakespeare’ at our venue, then a walking tour of the City of London, finishing up watching a performance at Shakespeare’s Globe.

We can arrange everything for the school apart from accommodation and travel. So in addition to our role as presenters and guides, we can reserve theatre tickets, book visits to Shakespeare’s Globe, arrange cheap meals at local restaurants, suggest shopping trips (!) etc.

How to arrange a visit – contact us first by email to discuss your plans. Once we know what kind of visit you would like, your student numbers and how much time you have we will give you a quote.

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