Breakfast with Big Wheel

The Pollution Solution

Introduction to Shakespeare

London Visits

In our language workshops students are given the opportunity to practice English in a very real way playing games and having fun with native speakers.

Young people in Europe today have an extensive passive knowledge of English through TV, Film, Music and Sport.

In our workshops students often surprise themselves (and their teachers) when they discover how well they can understand and communicate in English.

Please note that we are also offer visits to primary schools: please enquire if you are interested.

Covid-19: Touring periods may be subject to change

Sweden: touring August – October 2020

Switzerland: touring October/November 2020 and March/April 2021

Holland and Belgium: touring September 2020 ‘tot en met‘ March 2021.

The language workshops we offer this year are:

  • Breakfast with Big Wheel – for beginner to intermediate learners. An entertaining and very interactive parody of a TV game show. No love of TV required!
  • The Pollution Solution – our new  workshop for intermediate to advanced learners – all about global heating, local pollution and health (with special guest appearances from Greta Thunberg and Donald Trump!)
  • Introduction to Shakespeare – for intermediate to advanced learners. No knowledge of Shakespeare necessary.

Whichever of our language workshops you choose, you will not regret it and your students will not forget it!

NB We are no longer offering London Crazy. We loved the show, but we and many of our teachers felt that it did not provide enough opportunities for participants to actually use English, which is the point of the visit. Also the subject matter, though amusing to us and to teachers, did not really grab the students like our other shows. The Pollution Solution has been a long-running hit in the UK and recently in Belgium. Don’t be put off by the serious subject: The Pollution Solution is just as hilarious as our other shows!

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