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COVID-19: We will continue to tour safely and comply with the current COVID-19 guidelines. During the last two years we managed to keep performing all our different shows in Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands with great success. Now that many schools are returning to business as usual and we are all learning to live with COVID we are excited to be on tour again in 2022-23. If you have any concerns follow the link below and check out our ‘Covid-aware’ model.

COVID-19: Click here to find out how are we keeping our audience and performers safe

“No two shows are the same, because the actors constantly work with the way the audience reacts. It is funny and grabs the pupil’s interest.” – Dagmar Rozier, Het Assink Lyceum, Haaksbergen, NL

We have been working in European schools for 35 years and are famous for presenting workshops that students really enjoy and learn a lot from.

Teachers love them too! All our workshops offer a great way to practice speaking English and learn about literature and culture in a challenging but non-threatening environment.

A Big Wheel show is one that both teachers and students will always remember. You will all leave the room energised and full of ideas for that next lesson!

We have a selection of workshops to choose from, now booking for 2022-23! Click here to see our touring schedule.


English Language

Our English Language shows are up-to-the-minute in their use of multimedia references, parody and games. We have recently introduced a new workshop, The Pollution Solution, aimed at intermediate to advanced students. It’s been a wild success!

Click here to find out more about The Pollution Solution and our other English Language shows.

English Literature

Our English Literature workshops introduce students to new work, themes and topics, as well as helping them to appreciate and analyse the novels and plays they are already studying.

Click here for more details of our range of English Literature workshops.

The First World War

To find out more about Meaning in the Mud, click here.

We are continuing to offer this workshop which has proved a huge success not only in the UK and Belgium but in non-combatant countries, such as Holland, Switzerland and Sweden. Meaning in the Mud, for secondary students, is based on the War Poets and the continuing cultural legacy of World War 1.

London Visits

drama course

For schools visiting England we offer our workshops at the Big Wheel Studios in central London, and themed tours of London and other cities. Get in touch to talk to us about what we can arrange for your visit; we host these throughout the year.

Visiting Dutch students watching a performance of Introduction to Shakespeare

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