Welcome to Big Wheel!

Hi there and thanks for visiting our website. Big Wheel is a theatre in education company that uses theatre and drama to train, teach and inspire. We work in schools, museums, libraries, healthcare and business. For schools in the UK and abroad we have a repertoire of workshop performances covering English and French language learning, English literature, Sustainability and Climate Change. In other settings our work is more bespoke and we have created a range of programmes including historical storytelling in museums, service improvement in healthcare and presentation skills in business. We specialise in working closely with our clients to create an impactful and entertaining learning experience – and we have a lot of fun along the way.

Big Wheel Theatre is one of a kind: their enthusiasm is contagious, you get caught up in the atmosphere of their story and pupils learn new vocabulary and skills without realising it. On top of that, the people working at the theatre group are really friendly and kind. We’d definitely recommend their show ‘The Pollution Solution’!

Elke Witdouck, Guldensporen College, Kortrijk, Belgium

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