Sustainability and Air Pollution

“This is a fun way to bring this important local issue to life and to energise Wandsworth young people. Feedback has been fantastic, the kids clearly loved the performance and have taken these important messages to heart.” – Spokesman, Wandsworth Council

Since 2005, we have worked with Environmental Teams, School Travel Planners and Road Safety Officers across the UK to deliver high energy, creative, impactful and educational shows in their local primary schools.

Our three Sustainable Travel workshops Go! Go! Go!Walk This Way! and Movin’ on Up! present key messages on independent and sustainable travel planning as well as road safety, in a way that is fun and exciting for the pupils.  All three shows address climate change, global warming and our impact on our planet with each one focusing on something slightly different:

steve the symbol of sustainable transportGo! Go! Go!
is suitable for key stage 2 audiences.  Presented by a mad professor who demonstrates the greenhouse effect with multicoloured blankets, this show also explores the continuing problems with traffic and air pollution in the local area which can be particularly relevant to London boroughs.


Walk This Way! is geared towards year 6 and Scottish primary 7 students who are about to move to secondary school.  Students are encouraged to recognise how their new journeys to school might impact on the world, their local community and themselves.  The show meets some disgruntled bus passengers and there’s an extract from our favorite dysfunctional soap opera Westenders!

“Really upbeat – a brilliant way to put across a message!”

Mrs. Andrew, Balmoral Primary, Scottish Borders

Movin’ On Up! was designed to address both global warming and road safety issues.  The students help to demonstrate travelling to school safely, as well as playing the game show You Rule to try and save Planet Earth!  This show is also suitable for key stage 2 students.


The Pollution Solution!  A workshop designed in conjunction with the London Borough of Hillingdon that tackles climate change but also the growing problem of air pollution.  Particularly relevant to schools in built up areas where there are high Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulate levels, this workshop encourages students not only to travel to school in a sustainable way but also suggests ways they can help reduce existing levels of pollution by planting green walls, hedges and bushes.     


“The Pollution Solution was the best workshop I have been involved in for a very long time.  The children have not stopped talking about it for the last week.  It was so engaging and interactive for all.  The audience participation was fun and we learnt so much!”

Carlyn Dubuna, Year 5 Year Group Leader, Winston Way Primary, Redbridge

Each show is highly interactive, engaging and fun for the students taking part.  It’s a performance they will never forget!

One workshop costs £350 plus VAT and lasts for approximately 75 minutes.  Discounts are offered for multiple and block bookings.  Please get in touch if you want to know more!

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