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Introduction to Shakespeare

Shakespeare and Tragedy

The Big Book Show

The Great War: Meaning in the Mud

Students who attend one of our literature workshops never forget them! For many it is a moment when literature study comes alive. Big Wheel Theatre Company uses a mixture of dramatisations by the presenters, audience interaction and a sprinkling of comedy to produce a toolkit of ideas which will encourage students to read and appreciate anything from Shakespeare to Harry Potter. Audiences leave the event enthused and inspired…

Sweden: touring October 2018

Switzerland: touring March-April 2019

Holland and Belgium: Introduction to Shakespeare will tour September 2018 tot en met March 2019; the other literature workshops will tour mainly January tot en met March 2018. But if you want an autumn visit, do ask: we shall try to arrange one though there will be more limited dates available.

The literature workshops we offer are:

  • Introduction to Shakespeare – for intermediate to advanced learners who are about to start studying Shakespeare. No knowledge of Shakespeare is necessary.
  • Shakespeare and Tragedy – for advanced learners who are studying Shakespeare. Students need some knowledge or preparation in order to fully benefit from this workshop.
  • The Big Book Show for intermediate to advanced learners who have started reading and writing about novels in English. Some preparation is useful for this workshop.
  • Meaning in the Mud: the cultural legacy of the First World War. Part of Big Wheel’s The Great War Project, this new workshop  looks at the war poets and the First World War’s influence on later poetry, art, novels, drama and film.

We offer a variety of ideas for classroom preparation and follow-up for all of our literature workshops.


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